Founded in 1983, Yu-Sheng Electrical Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer in the heavy electrical industry. With the products sold as important public works and project equipment and power equipment in Taiwan and around the world, the company has earned high reputation and popularity

Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 1983, Yu-Sheng Electrical Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer in the heavy electrical industry. With the products sold as important public works and project equipment and power equipment in Taiwan and around the world, the company has earned high reputation and popularity. The company has obtained the ISO 9001:2008/CNS 12681 quality certification of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, MOEA, and is a heavy electrical manufacturer registered as a “trademark” of the said institution. Since inception,“Yu-Sheng Electrical” has developed reliable power equipment to meet the demand for stable power in every country. In response to worldwide market needs, a branch was set up in Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China in 1999, and a factory was set up in Yixing City, Jiangs u in 2005.
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With the rapid and flourishing development of the high-tech industries worldwide, the development of various types of precision machines and equipment has expanded in scale. Relative to the precision mechanical equipment and processes such as IC semiconductor, CNC machines, precision laser cutting, EMS, PCB production equipment, PLC program control, microelectronics production, SMT, computer automation, etc., the high-tech industries’ massive use of computer and precision equipment has led to power and voltage equipment’s high sensitivity to power and voltage changes because excessive changes in the voltage are likely to result in abnormal operation, breakdowns, and even frequent crashes. With professional technological designs, planning, and production power-saving and energy-conservation transmission and distribution systems, Yu-Sheng Electrical endeavors to ensure the security, stability, and accuracy of the precision equipment and stabilize the power voltages in order to address and ensure the efficient implementation of the equipment functions. Yu-Sheng leads the world by means of its specialized electrical and mechanical engineering. All the production processes from raw material preparation, coil winding, silicon steel stacking, assembly, drying, testing, to product shipments undergo vertical production. Yu-Sheng’s main products include: voltage regulators, microcomputer regulators for precision equipment, electronic voltage regulators for precision equipment, high and low voltage transmission and distribution transformers, reactors, mechanical control transformers, and other products. Yu-Sheng Electricals has always endeavored to diversify its power supply and electronic equipment related technologies. Through continuous innovation and R&D, it aims to meet the demand of the energy-saving environment. Adhering to “customer first,” our ultimate goal is to offer post-sale services through dedicated efforts. to solicit agent and dealer

Energy Saving Regulator Manufacturer

Yu-Sheng Electrical Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high quality Energy Saving Regulators in Taiwan. We specialized in providing Regulator, Transformer and Reactor which can be applied to IC Semiconductor, CNC Machines, Precision Laser Cutting Industries, etc. Our main products include Big Current Regulator, Power Saving Regulator, Microcomputer Regulator, Distribution Transformers, Electronic Regulator, Control Transformer, High Voltage Transformer and Low Voltage Transformer. Our products are reasonably priced and easy to operate. If you are interested in Regulator and Transformer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Product:

Company History

Establishment: Found in 1983; Specializes in manufacturing heavy electrical power equipments.
Headquarter Add.: No.5, Lane 111, Dazhu Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 338, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


In Oct, obtained CE certification for oil-immersed and air-cooled type large-current regulator series to develop more overseas market.


In Aug, obtained ISO / IEC 17025 test laboratory accreditation by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF).


In Dec, Quality Management System ISO-9001/CNS12681 is verified by Bureau of Standards, Metrology&Inspection.


set up a production factory in industrial zone in Yixing City, Yang Xiang Zhen, Jiangsu Province, Mainland China. Developed and expanded trades business in the Mainland market.


In Sept, (Taiwan TATUNG Heavy Electrical Factory One) OEM transformers.


In July, passed ISO-9001 2000 international quality assurance certification counseled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


In order to respond to the market demands, a business branch was established in Kunshan City , Jiangsu Province, Mainland China.


established power electronics research and development center as well as improved power equipments cooperated with Chung- Shan Institute of Science and Technology(CSIST)

In Sept, earned ISO-9002 international quality assurance certification.


Implemented TQM (Total Quality Management) and CWQC (Company-Wide Quality Control) with the whole factory plant.


Due to the increasing order volume, we improved R&D level and enhanced the work procedure as well as purchased the additional production equipments.


In order to meet the growing demands of export market, we expanded and established a business branch in Dongguan City , Guangdong Province, Mainland China.

Our Products

Series of energy saving voltage regulator:
  • 1000VA~2000VA Power saving fully-electronic regulator
  • 5KVA~100KVA Power saving micro-computer controlled regulator
  • 150KVA~3000KVA Large-current power saving regulator
Power Transformer :
  • Oil-immersedsed,self-cooling high-voltage tranaformer
  • Low-noise explosion-proof,and low-voltage transformer
  • H-grade low-voltage transformer
  • Series reactor maximum capacity
  • Startup reactor maximum capacity
  • Low-voltage controlling transformer